I'm Jenny. This is my story.

About Me

This is my story. It is not pretty. I will tell it in pieces as it comes back to me. Please let me know if it’s confusing, and I’ll try to clear it up as much as possible. This story will not be tailored to tell a simple, pretty story. It is raw and true and a testament to the abuse I lived in for a very long time. I hope you will see a bright thread running through the hard fabric of these years. To pretty this up or minimize the dark would be a huge violence to all the women that have lived in abuse.
If you are living in abuse now, there is hope for you. God does not want you to be abused and He will help you find a way out. He wants so much more for you, sweet daughter! If you have survived abuse, please tell your story. It is healing, and those women who are living it need to know someone out there understands. If you are lucky enough to find this story hard to believe, this type of abuse difficult to fathom, please stick with me here. We need you to help us fight this fight. We need those of you who cannot relate to understand how important this fight is to the survival of so many. We need to know you are with us.