I'm Jenny. This is my story.



“Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom.” I listen to the door close quietly as the hot tears come. Isn’t this supposed to help? Then why do I feel more hopeless than ever?

We sit a few inches apart on a stuffed couch in the counselor’s office. He takes our payment at the beginning of the appointment. I wonder what happened that makes this his standard protocol.

“So, can you give me an example of one of your fights?” I’m scanning my mind, trying to think of a safe issue to raise. After an awkward pause, I bring up a disagreement about laundry. “So, he is mad at me because I won’t do the laundry on Saturdays. I actually used to do the laundry on Saturdays, but he also wants to do things as a family. So then he was getting upset because the laundry was started, but it wasn’t finished before Sundays.”

Husband, “Yes, I want to be able to relax on Sundays. She always leaves the clean clothes all over the couch.”

“So, it became an issue. I decided to switch laundry day to Wednesday so I can stay home and make sure it gets done.”

Husband, “Yes, see I really think it’s best for the laundry to be done on Saturday so that on Monday I have everything that I need for work. Then all my clothes are clean on Monday morning, and I can be prepared for my week.”

“I’ve told him that he can certainly do a load of laundry anytime he wants. I would actually prefer to just do one load a..”

Husband, “That’s ridiculous. Then there will always be clothes everywhere. You can’t get them put away as it is.”

Counselor, “Okay, J, I’m having a hard time understanding. It seems to me that if someone is willing to do my laundry for me, they should get to choose what day they do it.”